Who Are We?

The Last Call Program was born 20 years ago as an exclusive clinic service for prominent individuals whose alcohol problem could not be exposed. It was designed for timely success and did not require time away from work and the public eye. Business leaders, entertainers, and politicians were the initial clients that identified with the efficacy and anonymity.

In 2009, the $7,500 Last Call Program was examined to determine the feasibility of offering the Program as an at-home product at an affordable cost. In 2011, the Last Call "Client-Direct Program" was offered for only $799 and was utilized by over 3,000 individuals in a single year. While some clients still utilize the higher cost Concierge and Furtherance Programs, the vast majority take advantage of the anonymity, success, and low cost of the Client-Direct Program.

The Problem

  • Alcohol is the number one health risk factor

    Kills more than AIDS, Tuberculosis, or violence. #1 cause of death in ages 18 to 29.

  • Only 8% of people with alcohol problems get treatment

    There are good reasons why they do not.

  • People with alcohol problems do not want to stop drinking

    38% do not want to stop but want control over alcohol.

  • People don't know what to do. 800,000 drop out of Alcoholics Anonymous every year

    75% can't find a treatment that fits their needs.

  • 12-20 year-olds drink 20% of the total alcohol consumed in the U.S.

    2 million are heavy drinkers. 4.4 million binge-drink.

  • Drunk drivers kill someone every 45 minutes

    15.1% of licensed U.S. drivers received a DUI in the past 12 months.

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Prominent and Notable Advisory Boards

Medicine — Research — Lifestyle — Business
Guided with care, expertise, and commitment.

Dr. Frank Gibson, Founder Founder Dr. Bart Farris, MD Tulane University, AMA Board Dr. Mindy Clark, MD Internal Medicine Steve Cowman Global Business Carolyn Accardi, PhD Bio-Science Ken Green PGA Champion Charlie Ekizian Disabilities Leader Dave R. Edgerton Business Legend Neil Westby Founder Carol Brawley Founder

Real People Count

  • Thousands of people

    ...have already trusted the Last Call Program and can now control their alcohol.

  • Shauna, Gary, Janet, Bill and many more

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  • All reviews are 100% authentic

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Global Humanitarian Projects

The Avantcare Foundation is a multi-sectorial, philanthropic organization with an ambitious service platform of international scope.

Current projects include Back to Life, a $500,000 military veteran addiction assistance program and PGA golfer, Ken Green’s Go for the Green organization helping children with prosthetics.

In development are projects that have impact on the lives of children and alcohol, Native American projects, and EAGALA day programs for military veterans in need on the Foundation’s 216 acre educational and retreat facility high in the mountains of North Carolina.

The Avantcare Foundation is funded by Avantcare Labs and its founders.

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You have now found a program that can fit your lifestyle as well as offering the highest probability of success. Without a physiologically-driven desire for excessive alcohol and freed of the unusual cravings you can make a successful choice whether to moderate alcohol or abstain.

View what the Programs offer and then compare with your needs and what you think is best for you. Which approach fits best with your lifestyle, work, family, and values?

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