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Reviews by real users of the LAST CALL program:

if I can do it- ANYONE can!
By soberplease

Who would have believed that less than TWO months ago I was drinking about a gallon of Vodka every two days???

I'm so glad I did it- only those who know the feeling of waking up shaking and gagging with bloodshot eyes know how awesome it would feel to finally wake up like a normal person- just yawning and craving a cup of coffee instead of a quart of booze just to get straight enough to get ready for work! I can't believe this program actually worked- it seemed to simple- I'm tearing up as I write this because I almost didn't do it

Oh, I almost forgot- not only did I quit drinking but I got an added bonus- after over 40 years- I quit smoking too!!

I just wanted to say a little something to encourage anyone who may still be doubtful or unsure of themselves - hey, if I can do it- ANYONE can!

The cravings are gone!
By Gary(Executive) - from TX
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I'm high profile in our community so I couldn't do AA. After doing LAST CALL, the cravings are gone, I don't even think about it.

at the beginning of week three
By Titania

I am at the beginning of week three I think, and I have to say it is definately working. For the first week I only managed 4 - 5 times per day not the 6, but I've done 4 per day ever since and I can feel the difference. I flew back from Canada last week and usually I drink before, during and after a flight, and I only had 2 glasses when we were delayed by 2 hours and had dinner. I would normally have had wine before the flights, during the flights and when I got home and I didn't. YIPPEEE

Also this week I've been on a body cleanse and obviously no wine allowed and i've been ok with that. I think if I can have it occassionally I will be fine.

1 year later I am still sober!
By Matt

I used Sobrexa in Sept-Oct of last year and am still sober. I do have a glass of wine some evenings before bed and keep it to one glass.

It is the beginning of the rest of my new life.
By wpsiii

I was a heavy alchohol user. One half gallon of straight whiskey every two days. I knew I needed help to quit. The LAST CALL program has worked for me so far. My goal is to quit drinking entirely for health reasons. I am in week 4 of the program and have not had a drink since I started. LASTCALL has helped reduce or eliminate initial withdrawal symptoms and continues to reduce the craving. If your looking for something that will help you without drugs or prescriptions, LAST CALL is for you.

* Update:

I am now near the end of Week 6 and still clean and sober without a drink since I started. Despite my minimal success, I am not yet strong enough to have alchohol in the house and not be tempted to touch it. I'll leave that challenge for a future time. I have developed a sense for when I need a LAST CALL "dose" and even I when I can occassionally skip one that is not needed. For example, I'll use a LAST CALL dose in place of that ever-present after work cocktail or that irreplaceable evening nightcap. Satisfying the behavior need for now with a safe alternative makes sense to me while trying to modify the behavior where possible.

* Update 2:
The physical symptoms of need or withdrawal are completely gone and have been for 3-4 weeks. That is the remarkable part of the LAST CALL program to me. I tried quitting without help and just could not do it. the withdrawal was too much. The emotional craving, while not gone at this point, is certainly diminished and can be easily replaced by an engaging activity or a snack. Soon it becomes a fleeting thought. I am focused on finishing the program and applying what I've leaned to stay clean and sober for the rest of my life. I have not come this far to do anything but succeed.

*Update 3:
I have now completed the program and have not had a drink since Feb 1,2013. I feel better. My doctor says I AM BETTER. All of my regular preventative medical tests are showing "normal" levels. By BP and liver enzymes are on track. It is the beginning of the rest of my new life.

10 years a drunk, not anymore.
By Alford - from Charlotte, NC

I hadn't gone into a bar without getting drunk for 10 years. After only three weeks of Sobrexa, I couldn't finish a second martini... and I wanted to! I haven't had a problem since.

4 weeks in, I'm soooooo much better and very excited!
By LookingAhead

What I can say is that the program is working for me. When I look at my overall progress, I am very excited and quite hopeful for the future.

I was close to a two bottle (wine) a night girl! I think it was "just what I did at night." I start my fifth week with the program on Friday, and while I'm not necessarily where I want to be yet, I'm soooooo much better than where I was. I consistently have "only" 2-3 glasses a night now (a huge improvement over 6-8 glasses, right?), and I'm starting to incorporate some abs nights. I no longer chug down 2-3 glasses in my first half-hour home from work just to get that initial calming buzz on.

SMALL changes in my second week
By LeoKenny

In my second week and noticing SMALL changes. I am a big wine drinker, a bottle a night, sometimes more if having trouble falling asleep. The small change is that I drink less wine and start drinking it later. I never ever have a drink before 6 PM. I have been a high functioning alcoholic most of my adult life. I hope the desire for wine goes away completely. Alcohol has cost me my marriage, I don't want it to cost me my life as well.

Reply from Avantcare team:

Hi LeoKenny, it sounds like you're doing great and everything is going according to plan! You say you're already noticing small changes after little more than a week - that is perfect, it means you are on the right track. Just keep taking your Sobrexa as described in your user guide and you will notice that it keeps getting better and better as you progress through the program. If you are having trouble falling asleep, you may increase your Kalmaro dosage a bit - it's 100% natural like Sobrexa, and it will help you relax more. Remember this is an 8-week program and you need to follow it for the full 8 weeks to give your body a chance to adjust and Sobrexa a chance to do its good work, so it can have the lasting effect. You're doing great, just keep going like this!

6 days into the program, cut down to almost no alcohol consumption a day
By LaJuan

I am doing great...At this point I would no longer call myself an alcoholic...I went the entire day yesterday without any alcohol, and I haven't done that in over a year....

I didn't have any re-actions with my medications and now I hardly even need Lorazepam. I only took one last night to help me sleep, and I never drink with it...I usually take Lorazepam in the morning, because of the panic attacks that I get from the alcohol that I usually would drink at night before bed.

I have really cut down to almost no alcohol consumption a day...Yesterday was my first day without alcohol...and I am only 6 days into the program. This program is working for me.

I feel so much better...I was having blackouts with my alcohol consumption and once I started drinking, I could not keep control of the amount I would drink...I would wake up in the morning and not remember how much I drank the night before...It was pretty scary...I am not so nervous now.

Keeping positive!
By starry12

Hi- I started 5 weeks ago and tonight is my best night so far! Keeping positive!

It went pretty fast for me!
By Penny(Health Care field) - from CT
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I was at the point that alcohol was controlling me. After I got a DUI and they wanted me to do something to get my license back. After joining different groups, I found Last Call online... sounded good and the success rate was worth a shot. I followed the directions to the T... and it went pretty fast for me. I don't even have an urge to have a drink.

My wife is a changed person thanks to Sobrexa
By Kawika

I purchased the program for my wife ( for 50 years ). Started her on it the 3rd week of Nov 2012. Observed results the 2nd day, she refused to take the 3rd day. However she started out again the 4th day. I made sure she religiously completed the 8 weeks. She still drinks, but the urge to continue is not there. She is a changed person.

Have not had emergency crew to the house since early Nov. 2012.

Now for the rest of the story as Paul Harvey would say. There is no way ever that my wife could bring herself to admit to being an alcoholic or having a problem. No way! I am old enough to have seen a whole lot of people ruin their lives and health big time. I studied up on my options, contacted AA and leaned more. I had to actually realize the fact that she was an Alcoholic and did not just have a drinking "problem " , I was desperate as I was starting to get a bit flakey from stress.

I was on the internet looking at Al Abuse and how it worked. That would not have worked and the track record for that and AA is dismal. I was in contact w/ wife's doctor (GP) and informed her that I was going to try Sobrexa. I gave her all the info I had and she had no objections.

This may all seem convoluted, but I was desperate. It worked and that is what is important. Even my son is interested in it as he has patients who are alcoholic.

Thank you
By kpcrna

I am doing much better....drinking has decreased and I really like Kalmaro....Thank U for caring

By Drnknomo

Today is my 4th day on the program and I am starting to feel different. I work for a police department, we have gatherings around a fire from time to time at various department employee's homes. Tonight was the first time I have attended sober and was not tempted to take a drink while I was there. I have always felt I wouldn't be "as funny" if I weren't drinking - am usually the one cracking the jokes and getting a laugh out of everyone. Well, tonight was proof that it can be done - probably better when I am not the one drinking. I was sharper than the rest of the group and what is nice is that I will remember it tomorrow, as opposed to when I was drinking. I came home feeling proud of myself for attending a function where I knew there would be a lot of people drinking and I abstained. It was awesome! I hope this program continues to work for me...Lord knows, I need it!

anybody should give it a chance
By Janet(Real Estate) - from VT
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It's been two and half months since I finished the Last Call Program and I feel in control. I'm more relaxed and happy to have that burden off my shoulder of not waking up in the morning and feeling bad. You think you are the only one that is coming home having too many but you're not. It's worth it and I think anybody should give it a chance.

I went from 2 bottles of wine / day to 2 glasses a week!
By Martha(Former owner of a wine business) - from NY
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Before the Last Call Program I was drinking close to 2 bottles of wine a day. I always had to have a glass with me, even take one to bed...and now after program I may have a glass of wine twice a week. I can go out socially and drink a few glasses with friends without having to come home and drink more.

I noticed very good results from the start
By khuggart

I was nervous starting the program because I had read results wouldn't be noted until about Week 3 and didn't want to wait that long. I actually noticed very good results from the get-go. I too am a 1-2 bottle wine drinker (Merlot is my fave), and on weekends, depending on what time I start and what I do, can be 3 bottles.

I can positively say in 9 days I haven't more than 3 glasses a day except for day 1 did drink more than a few glasses at a lawn concert and ladies night to follow. Regretted it the next day. I feel so much better waking up in the mornings without a hangover and fuzzy head.

I was beginning to think it was simply a coincidence and wishful thinking. I do believe the Sobrexa is working.

By matt_8264

It was almost a year ago I got tired of being an alcoholic. I noticed the change almost immediately when I started taking Sobrexa and have been in control ever since. I don't have cravings and rarely think about alcohol. I do on occasion have a desire to drink and sometimes think that the cravings are back. I'll have a couple beers and stop............... That is amazing in itself. Anyways I won't want to drink again for a few weeks.

I guess this is what it is like for those "normal" people that never were addicted.

So excited I found this
By plamb

There was no "one drink" for me... Once it hit my system it turned into "all or none".... and it was NEVER "None!" LOL

So, previously (for past couple of years), I would drink 6 out of 7 nights after work (wine, beer), on consistent basis.This week I had a couple of drinks 3 nights and kind of force myself to finish it.

For the past 6 years, I really have felt a loser.. So weak because I couldn't change this by myself...Beating myself up, and felt like everyday I was being beaten up by this addiction/reliance on alcohol. I truly have felt powerless (which is not how I had felt previously in my life).

This week. .last I feel like I am strong and don't feel beaten up this week. I feel like Sobrexa is balancing my system out and so excited I found this.

Great program
By ohiomatt

Everything is going well. I am now taking 3 doses of Sobrexa per day. My wife actually made a comment about my drinking habits the past 2 weeks. I bought a 6 pack last night (it was a Friday night, so what the hell, right?). I only drank 3 beers and really didn't want to keep going. This might sound like alot of beers to some people, but for me that would be just a "warm up" before really getting started.

I noticed the Sobrexa effect on Day 4
By Shauna(paralegal) - from CA
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I come from an alcoholic family, my mother died because of it. I tried counseling, groups, and abstaining, none of it worked. I took the Sobrexa everyday and the 4th day, I tried to drink but felt different. The second week, I put the funnel back in the bottle for the first time without finishing the bottle. I think Sobrexa and Last Call saved my life. I lost 5 lbs and feel great.

Effective program
By Christal

I did the program over a year ago and found it effective.

I cannot believe it....
By Deb - from NC

Today I reached the 3 week mark with Sobrexa and last night tried champagne ....but after 2 glasses I had had enough!! Tonight I have no desire to drink ...... I cannot believe it.

It just works
By Charles(Sales) - from Atlanta, GA

Relaxation from my high-stress job came in the form of beer. I followed the program guidelines and now I rarely want any more than a few beers. It works.

The program works!
By Betty - from Florida

I knew I was heading for trouble when I started choosing restaurants by the wine list. The program worked for me and I still enjoy an occasional glass of wine.

I thought it was a scam at first
By Chrissy - from Milwaukee, WI

Okay---I want to post something positive here. I am in week 4 (day 24). Normally around 4:30 or so I start craving that first glass of wine---that's not happening anymore. I've found that when I do 4 drops of Kalmaro at my mid-day Sobrexa dosage it seems to help with those cravings. I feel that there is some discipline that needs to be engaged in this process too. I still enjoy a glass of wine or 2 but it's more habitual rather than a craving.

No one believed this would work, but it did.
By Kevin - from Columbia, SC

No one believed this would work. I talked to some people who had been through the Last Call program and tried it. I wish everyone would because my life has changed.

So proud
By El - from San Diego, CA

(Told by El's wife — the two have been married for 19 years) I have never known Kevin to ever ever be sober. He has at least 25 some odd years of beer in him. Parents split when 14 living on his own dropped out of school, etc. He is soooo proud of himself and we both cannot believe that this stuff really works. He would start drinking in the afternoon by 1pm on weekends and by 5pm on weekdays now after 1 mth into the program still on 5x a week, he had his first beer on Sunday at you believe it?

At night he doesn't have to pound so many, he went from about 18 beers on average a night to 6 or 7 from having to buy a case of 18 to a six pack. He is proud I am over the moon the kids are happy and his is starting to look great. Whites of his eyes actually looking white and not yellow!!

Last Call worked for me
By Peter - from Springfield, IL

After driving home drunk from a reunion, I realized I had a problem. Thankfully I never got caught. My wife didn't even know how bad it was. As the head of an addiction treatment center, I needed to stop. Last Call worked for me and helped me avoid a lot of trouble.

really getting my life adjusted
By Jan(Bartender) - from Olympia, WA

For the first time in the past few years, I feel like I am becoming a responsible young adult. I am not making excuses, not falling back into old patterns, and really getting my life adjusted. I hope this keeps up. I don't know what to contribute this to anymore, other than I am finding out who I am without alcohol, and I like who I am without the drug.

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