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84% Success Rate

The Last Call Program has an 91% success rate after completion of the 8 week program compared to 51% for conventional treatment

And a 84% success rate after one year compared to 16% for conventional treatment.


The study is a comparative analysis of Conventional Treatment versus The Last Call Program.

The following is a comparative analysis of Conventional Treatment for Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) and 1136 monitored participants who were utilizing Sobrexa and Kalmaro in combination with the Last Call Program.

The Abstract states the problem and purpose of the study and quoted sources. The purpose for the study was due to the fact that AUD affects millions of people, the majority of accepted treatments is behavioral only, and there is a high degree of relapse associated with Conventional Treatments. Sources below:

Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) affects nearly 10% of the US population and causes marked medical morbidity and mortality, marked psychiatric morbidity, increased health care costs, and lost work hours. Saxon, Malte, Sloan, et al, 2006. aneenmit-Chen, et al, 2007

AUD is a biologically, genetically based disease, yet the majority of clinically accepted treatments are behaviorally or psycho-socially based. Anton, O’NakketmCiraulo, et al, 2006. Todd, Armali, Tennan, et al 2006

Despite the initial success of conventional treatment, 40 - 70% relapse within the first 12 months after treatment. MtClinnis E. Faogo, 1999

Recent advances in understanding the neurobiology of substance dependence and relapse support the notion that adrenergic (chemical) systems play a critical role in these processes and, when combined with an educational component, lead to greatly increased success rates.

To establish the standard for the definition of Conventional Treatment, we began with an analysis of 928 treatment centers in the U.S. Details of the Conventional Treatment data obtained are as follows:

Success statistics are sourced from a multiple of independent research facilities and medical schools fully accredited either the Joint Commission for the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, or the Commission for the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities.

874 of these treatment centers included the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) 12 step program either as the entire treatment principle or as some part combined with psychotherapy. Only 54 out of the 928 included in the study did not use any principles from the 12 Step Program.

The Last Call Program participants were categorized according to dependence and goals using the Alcohol Dependence Scale (Skinner and Allen, 1982) and The Last Call Program Study Questionnaire. The documentation and data presented from this study were obtained as follows:

Study participant statistics must include 6-month and 12-month participant administrator and written appraisals.

The results were consistently verified through independent statistical analysis.

Success in the program was denied as not having unusual cravings for alcohol and following Last Call Program post-program guidelines.

Problem drinkers were preferred for the study because they:



    Included current primary DSM-IV diagnosis for AUD, heavy drinking in the previous 30 days, at least 21 years of age, good general medical health (see Exclusion Criteria below), the capacity to provide informed consent, English fluency, and home-partnership with family member, relative, or friend.


    Included psychiatric disorders requiring any medication other than anti-depressants. To ensure that no other drugs could enhance or alter the aects of Sobrexa, no participants currently taking disulfram, acamprosate or naltrexone were included in the case study. Also, no current dependence on any other psychoactive substance other than nicotine or cannabis, a current diagnosis of apioid abuse, use of any apioid containing medications or benzodiazepines during the previous 30 days, medical significant acute or chronic medical illness, or legal involvement that could interfere with the study treatment (no court-orders for treatment).


    Participants were required to enroll in an 8-week program which utilized multiple modalities. The Last Call Program included:


    It has been independently verified that of 1136 participants who followed the suggested Last Call Program 8-week format which includes Sobrexa:



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