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Pioneering a new industry

Modern medicine utilizes a treatment principle known as the stepped care approach of using the least invasive treatment first. Because there has been no previous viable option, conventional addiction treatment centers have been forced to use a "worst first" principle. Avantcare's Last Call Program is now providing the stepped care option standardized in medical treatment.

Our programs start with a model that has been proven successful. It then builds upon this success by offering a well-supported program based on the current understanding of neurobiology and addiction. As an example, none of our Last Call clients in the past decade have required an inpatient detoxification, compared to 76% of conventional treatment patients, who did require a referral for detox programs.

The methodology we utilized is based on 26 years of researching the neuroscience of addiction and emphasizes how to naturally assist the body in regaining chemical balance. While the approach encourages support, it also aligns with the recent findings by the American Society of Addiction Medicine that has proven addiction to no longer be viewed as just a behavioral issue, but also a brain chemical imbalance.

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